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January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you all! I have been pitiful at updating the blog the past few months. I will have to blame our blissfully busy lives.
Travis is doing great. Since my last post he was moved to a 4 month MRI rotation. If the next MRI looks good in February he will go to one every 6 months! That feels like an eternity to me compared to the twice a month trip to Denver we did for 17 months. The tumor is not gone but dormant. The hope is that is stays that way forever. The oncologist Travis sees has been conducting a study of patients with the same tumor type as Travis; using the same treatment as Travis. This treatment is under study because it is not the standard treatment. The study recently completed its 13th year with only 1 death and 1 re-occurrence that was treated with radiation. The standard treatment boasts a 10 year life span after diagnosis. We are thrilled to hear that the non-standard treatment we chose is doing far better.
Mattea is marvelous. She started full day kindergarten and is doing great. We had to battle the school a little to get some accommodations made for her small size but in the end it all got figured out. Her teacher is wonderful and she has made some good friends. The tallest, biggest boy in the class is always quick to stand up for her (even when it’s a substitute teacher!) and helps her by holding doors and helping move her special chair. What a blessing it is to see that kind of heart in a young boy. She has had very few problems or questions about her brace and shoe with the other kids. Addison’s friends are all super sweet to Mattea and look out for her too. How blessed we are to see the kindness in these girls that are getting to the age where they are not always nice. Health wise Mattea is stable. No new concerns, she is doing well and doctors continue to keep a close eye on her.
Addison is a 4th grader now. She continues to struggle with making close friends. As her mom I hurt for her and think back to how blessed I was to have the friends that I had. Especially Wendee, I wonder how lonely I would have been without her. How amazingly blessed we were to have one another and I to have her family always welcome me with open arms. I had no idea as a child how important a good friend is. But back to Addie… She is smart as a whip, getting really funny, and far beyond her years in too many ways to count. She is growing up so quickly right before my eyes. We have narrowed her allergies down to dairy, egg, and soy. As long as she stays away from those things she feels great. Her attitude has improved more than anything. In fact a bad attitude is usually the first sign I see after she has eaten something she’s allergic to.
Both the girls joined the school sign choir this fall. They learned the sign language to 8 complete Christmas songs and performed just before Christmas. Mattea had fun but Addison was amazing. Watching her you could feel the passion she had. She didn’t just move her hands and make the signs. Addison felt the music, she put feeling, and emphasis into each sign. It was moving to watch her. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a path she will continue down.
As for myself, school has taken over most of my time. I took classes over the summer and 16 hours this fall. It kept me very busy and took a lot of my time. The rest of the family really stepped up and did more of the things this full time stay at home mom used to do. The girls sacrificed more weekend mommy time than I would have liked but they hardly ever complained. Cooking without the 7 food allergens we collectively have is a challenge. Traveling takes more planning and eating out is hardly possible. To add that to my new balancing act with school and you can see why maybe the blog has gone to the wayside. It has been an opportunity to grow and change. I have had to reevaluate my priorities and realize that I am not a full time stay at home mom anymore. It’s a transitional time for us between full time homemaker to working mom. I won’t graduate until Spring ’14 so I guess we better get used to this limbo mom role. We are all doing well and hope that you are too.
May you all be blessed in 2013!

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